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Anxiety - Some thoughts

October 6, 2017

Anxiety  #1,



For most of my clients, anxiety is an ever-present symptom of life.  Chances are real good that this wont be the only post you’ll see from me about this. It’s important.


Many people have anxiety on a consistent basis and they don't even realize it. They are anxious so often that they don't even know what normal can feel like. Ive worked with some clients who when asked what it’s like to not be anxious don't have an answer.

Others have periodic anxiety, which can take a number of different forms, and occur in different contexts. 


What does anxiety feel like? It’s unpleasant and for some can be debilitating.

They can include nausea, trembling, sweating, feeling edgy and quick to anger, mental obsession over past events, trouble concentrating, being restless, and sleep issues among others.


Why do we have so much anxiety in our world today?

Think to a time 100 years ago. The person living 100 years ago wouldn't recognize the world today. The rate of change over the last 100 years has been more than the prior 2000

years combined. Our society has stressors that our ancestors could scarce conceive of. Our mind’s intent is to always protect us when presented with external stimulus that might harm us. When presented with certain stimuli, the mind produces a flight or fight reaction. Releasing the chemicals and reactions in our mind and body is designed to enhance our survival.  And while this may be good when we are crossing a busy Brooklyn street, it doesn't work to our favor in the modern world. Our minds get so used to doing this, that they begin to do it all at the slightest provocation. Fortunately, there are now ways to retrain the mind, and its reactions to produce far more ecological

results. So for folks who deal with anxiety, just know that your mind’s intention is your survival, and that we can get the mind to consider other ways to ensure your survival without the drama and pain.


Some thoughts about being anxious and how our mind works.

The human body can only biochemically hold a state of mind for a short period of time.  So one path to a solution is to find a way not to reinforce the anxiety with our underlying thoughts.


Another thought about anxiety is that chemically in the body, it is very similar to feelings of excitement. The differences are our thoughts about the body response we having. On a fun note, I experimented with this concept on the subway one day. I was feeling anxiety on the train (its ok, Im human) and I started changing all my thoughts to those about being excited. I guided my thoughts to things I was excited about in my life. It was an incredible experiment as the feelings and thoughts competed for space inside of me. Talk about strange feelings!  The end result was that it blew out the anxiety, leaving me feeling very different for the rest of my trip home. Can change be that quick. Yes.



And the good news – There are so many more options for the treatment of anxiety that weren’t around 30-40 years ago. NLP, Hypnosis, EFT, EMDR, medical options, CBT and many others can offer significant help in this area.  Go get yourself some happiness. Life can be better than this. Seek someone out and GET HAPPY.  Because happy now is better than happy later. 

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