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Veruca Salt - I want it now - Stress

September 5, 2017

Veruca Salt



I was just conversing with a client today. He had wanted to know when the universe was going to open up for him. He wanted things in his life, had waited a while to get them.

He spent his time stressing about what he didnt have. 


Have you ever been attached to things, and wanted them now?  Have you ever wanted to just push the universe a little bit? Or a whole lot?  Have you ever gotten mad at time? Why is this taking so long? STRESS. 


In the tumble of life, Ive learned a few things.


Time is our ally. It slows things down for us, so we can evaluate where we are going, lavish in the learnings and stop short of hitting brick walls. If time moved quicker, we wouldn't be able to put on the brakes when we needed to.  If we didn't have time, you wouldn't have learned anything, you wouldn't be here.  If you insist on a time for things with the universe, that doesnt work to your favor. 


It’s like little joe saying to the huge infinite universe, I know better and I want it now. And we all know what happened to Veruca Salt. And if you dont…..




I remember one day, putting my feet in the Mississippi river. The power in that river was pretty amazing. I knew if I jumped in, I couldn't swim against that river. It was extremely hot in New Orleans, and the river cooled me off. Like an old friend, helping me along. 


 I also had a deep feeling that this river knew where it was going, how to get there and was perfect in its course back home. 


You are in the river of life. To feel better sooner, let the river take you home. Relax, it knows what it’s doing. And so do you. 



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